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Grand Master Martin Ramirez

7th Dan Black Belt

Grand Master Martin Ramirez


Grand Master Martin Ramirez is a 7th Dan Black belt with over 30 years of Martial Arts training experience and a Certified World-Class Instructor by Kukkiwon.


As a Tae Kwon Do competitor, Grand Master Ramirez has been able to achieve great success and experience. Some of his competing achievements include being a state and national champion, and a recent competitor in the World Tae Kwon Do Hanmadang (South Korea 2010). He has also had the honor of training with Grand Master Kyu Hung Lee, Ph.D (South Korea 2010). It has been events like these that have made Grand Master Ramirez an outstanding instructor in Martial Arts as he uses all his knowledge to impart the necessary skills in his students, making them fierce competitors.


Aside from his achievements as a competitor and a dedicated Grand Master, he has also maintained a significant involvement in the world of Tae Kwon Do. He has participated in the 1st Seoul World Tae Kwon Do Leaders Forum at Kukkiwon (South Korea 2010), and attended seminars and met with high-ranking officials from around the world at the Kukkiwon World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. He has also traveled to countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and El Salvador to run tournaments, train instructors, and accompany his students as tournament competitors. His involvement has granted him a number of distinguished awards that speak to his commitment for his students and the Martial Arts. Within his awards are:


• Kukkiwon Advisory Member July 1, 2011- June 30, 2014.


• California Unified Tae Kwon Do Association March 1, 2013- March 1, 2015.


• US TKD Grand Masters Society in the US TKD  Poomsae Seminar

  April 16, 2011.


• Kukkiwon Grade 3 Foreign Instructor Course January 21, 2011.


• Member of Kukkiwon Overseas Membership System (KOMS)

  Until December 9, 2012.


• The City of Oxnard “Outstanding Individual Award” 1999


• United States Tae Kwon Do Grandmasters Society “Recognition for dedicated service         and outstanding contribution to the development of Tae Kwon Do in the

United States of America


Among other things, Grand Master Ramirez has also served his community through his work with children with developmental disabilities and in teaching Navy officers and their families at Point Mugu Base from 1984 to 1987.